2019 Reads


Hey all! I’ll be building up this list of books and quick reviews throughout the year as I read them. The first half is fiction, the second half is writing craft books. Enjoy!

>>The Loneliest Girl in the Universe by Lauren James – My first read in 2019! This was such a quick, excellent read about a teenage girl named Romy Silvers who was born in space while her parents were on a mission to a new inhabitable planet and, after their tragic deaths, became the only one alive on board.

I love books like this that explore the human condition in high stress or lonely circumstances and determine how one might act in different situations.

I’ll admit the first chapter didn’t grab me. I worried that, in trying to put a wall up between reader and Romy, and therefore forcing us to feel her loneliness immediately, we would never connect with her. However, Lauren James did a good job creating empathy with Romy’s NASA Earth penpal, Molly, and showed that someone deeply cared for her.

Books about lone characters have the potential to be boring, but this was great. It bounced between fanfics the MC writes, letters and audio clips from Earth or the newly arriving spaceship, and Romy’s own personal needs and attentions of the ship – all of which kept me hooked.

After spending so long with Romy in her isolation, the climax felt jarring, which I’m sure is how Romy felt so in a way it worked, but as a reader I was expecting something quiet and it took a turn into action. Additionally, the revelations felt a little forced, the end involved a causal relationship between faults and accidents that didn’t quite line up, and everything felt wrapped up a little too quickly. But overall I really enjoyed the read!

Would recommend!

The list has yet to be finished! The year isn’t over yet. Keep checking back for more 😉

Writing Craft Books

Troubleshooting Your Novel by Steven James – This was awesome! Full review coming soon.

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