A Turn of Events

As it turns out, my time with Legend 3D was short. I finished the working on Transformers: Dark of the Moon, among others, all of which I am very proud to say I’ve worked on, and the company found it necessary to lay off a large number of staff for monetary reasons. My time since has been hectic. My grandmother, Patricia Gail Scroggins, passed away on the morning of June 8, only hours before we arrived in Las Vegas to visit. It was a little jarring, but the family saw it coming and we remain strong – even through the additional deaths of my father Gary Lee Dailey, and kitty of 19-years Whiskers that have all happened in less than a year. Besides the torrent this arose, I’ve also found being laid off as a blessing. In addition to searching for work in my field as an animator, I’ve found a lot of additional time to work on my book. I’ve made more headway in the last week than I have in the last year, it seems, and I’m very excited about it. My family is also hatching baby bearded dragons and our little reptilian family of 40 is growing. All you can do is stay optimistic, there’s no reason not to be happy.

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