New Bacon-ings Burger and Bacon-y Fries

Kick off! What better way to start off the Bob’s Burgers Burger Book Challenge than to do so with a New Bacon-ing? The first burger in the book, and the burger from Season 1, Episode 1 called “Human Flesh”, was the New Bacon-ings Burger. A solid, American style burger. Nothing too crazy here (although my husband who hates onions and roommate who hates lettuce and tomatoes may disagree… how dare I put those things on burgers! Honestly.) All in all DELICIOUS (but who’s surprised?). The cheddar cheese really made a world of flavorful difference here. And if you’re wondering if there was any human flesh in my burger… well, the world may never know…

The burger was lovely, but the fries are the ones that stole the show. Blanched (in more peanut oil than has ever graced my kitchen) then oven-baked with bacon crumbles is what left the fries moist yet crispy. Everyone wanted more.

Looking forward to the other 70 burgers that this book has to offer.

(Also, side note, I’m practicing my food photography with a proper camera – something that actually has an ISO setting and doesn’t interrupt when Mom calls – so forgive my terrible photos. I’ll get better).

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