365 Revamped!

I quit a job, started a career, was laid off during a mass layoff from my first career job, dealt too much death, was unemployed and watched my money slowly slip away, AND had to move at the end of the year to Los Angeles – which was my first time moving away from home. To top all that off, the stress actually created some serious physical altercations including chest pain and extreme dizziness.

However, amongst all the turmoil, I managed to continue working on my first novel. I’m happy to say I only have a chapter left to write! I’m also excited to say that in the face of the new year and my stress slowly dissipating I’ve managed to begin again with my 365!

I have to apologize to anyone who would like to see 365 new and exciting daily stories to read, but my plan is to publish a book at the end of the year. I will gladly give everyone updates on the titles of the short stories though!

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