A Good Manchego is Hard to Find

OMG. You guys! This burger was phenomenal! This is the “A Good Manchego is Hard to Find” from Season 5, Episode 10 “Late in the Garden of Bob and Louise”. I don’t think I’ve ever made a more delicious burger before and I’ve made a lot of freaking delicious burgers. Tonight’s raving commentary from the peanut gallery (see: my husband and roommate) included: “Oh wow…” (complete with drooly, roll-eyes-back-in-head face), “This is like a burger at a restaurant”, and “No, this is like a burger at an expensive restaurant.”

Manchego cheese is delicious, for starters, with it’s creamy, slightly nutty taste – one of the best cheeses in my opinion (but I say that about all the cheeses, shh don’t tell brie). But to add that with caramelized shallots, adding that sweet, smoky flavor, arugula with its bright, sharp notes, and then FIG JAM, it was beautiful. Because who the f*ck decided to put fig jam (or any kind of jam) on a burger?? Someone that is clearly a genius. It was sweet and had a delicious honey note to it, blending all the flavors together perfectly. In the book it says, “Spread fig jam over the bun. Spread happiness across your face.” It was super cheesy until I realized they weren’t lying. At all. Not even a little bit. Fig jam is my new jam ya’ll.

Now, as you may have noticed, I’m not giving away all the recipe secrets in my posts. This is mostly just a “cook and critique” sort of deal. Why? Because you SHOULD BUY THE BOOK. Seriously, this is now the second burger that will make it into my recipe forever-home and I’ve only made four burgers so far.

And, side note, my foodtography is getting better!

A nice open-face top-down view of this delicious beauty.

Good Manchego

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