Another Lid to a Potless Existence

The self-publishing journey for my collected works of poetry (2006-2012) has found its way to the “Build a Book Cover” stage. At first this stage had the subtext of “basically panic” and “realize you don’t know what you’re doing”. After I grabbed my towel and remembered Douglas Adams’ advice (DON’T PANIC) I decided that I could actually create a kick-ass cover. The debut of said cover will arrive shortly. All of the squishy, pink poetic insides of the book have been formatted properly and beautifully. We’re nearing a finality that I never thought possible.

Also, be on the lookout for a whole mess of 365 entries that I will be unloading into the nether regions of this site. I’m creating a short story or some other thought-provoking note for every day of the year – or at least I plan to – and THIS year I will be posting them on my site. I may even post a sketch a day of silly cartoons, if you’re lucky.

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