Finished Art Piece!

I recently finished my mosaic piece for the art show in SD and Salt Lake City. It’s called “Sinful Psyche: A Mosaic for Deadly Dispositions”. Each mosaic was created with the idea that seven different people with seven different sinful personalities were asked to create a 5X5 piece. Sloth never finished, Lust offered herself up the first chance she could, Pride decided he was the best and placed his own piece as “first place”, Greed created a mosaic with American currency only to decide he would rather keep his money and turned in a grouted slab of wood with coin indentations, Envy thought that Pride’s was the best (due to the first place ribbon) and copied it even if it didn’t turn out as good, Wrath punched the tile, and Gluttony created a mosaic of an ice cream made of candy wrappers.

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