The 365: A Writing A Day

Hey all! I have a new project on my blogspot called the 365!

The 365 is created for people who have a very limited time to read during their day, but would still like to get in a little story or perhaps an interesting, thought-provoking concept or image. It’s also my own way to assure that I’m writing something every day and pushing myself to find inspiration for different pieces in my everyday life.

I will be posting a new story, philosophical thought, or descriptive note every day this year (and have been since January 1).

My only set rule revolving around the writing is that I must write for a minimum of 10 minutes and a maximum of 30 minutes.

I do not guarantee brilliance, but I’ve come to hope for it.

View it here:

Feel free to pop in every now and then or treat it as a devotional. Either way, enjoy!

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