The State of Dreams

It’s taken years of self-growth, honing my writing skill and studying dreams to finish this novel, but The State of Dreams’ first novel has finally been completed at well over 100,000 words. And I’m very excited to write the next book! Here’s a synopsis:

“Have you ever wondered if the dreams you visit each night are all connected to each other within a land made entirely for you? What if everyone in the world had their own personal Dreamscape and the doorways that connected them shifted so severely that the people who maintained your dreams lost control and you found yourself being destroyed from the inside out? What would you find in the dreams of animals, blind men, babies, people from foreign lands or people with ill intent?

The nearly-fourteen-year-old Basil Benton and his younger sister Katheryn discover the answers to these questions and more throughout the Young Adult fiction trilogy entitled The State of Dreams. The first novel, which has been completed with the working title The Darkest Monster, uncovers Basil’s own Dreamscape after his sister and he find their parents have gone missing and are forced to live with their eccentric scientist grandfather who harbors a secret gateway (deemed The Arch) that allows a person to physically enter their dreams. Basil and Katheryn must trek through a variety of Basil’s dreams in hopes of getting back home; all while being followed by a cruel entity that seems intent on tormenting them. Their journey leads them closer to The Edge where Basil’s nightmares lie and beyond to a council of people who run Basil’s dreams where they find that getting home may not be what they want anymore.”


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