Totally Radish Burger

Fresh and bright from the veggies packed in it, the Totally Radish Burger from Bob’s Burgers Season 1, Episode 5: Hamburger Dinner Theater, was, well, Rad… ish. If you like radishes and cucumbers, you’ll love the flavors they bring to this bad boy, and if you don’t like those things, no worries, they won’t be punching you in the face with their flavors. Overall, it added a very refreshing quality. I have two disappointments with the dish. First, the recipe calls for a basic burger with the radish and cucumber topping, so all the burgers *umph* is relying heavily on that topping, but there isn’t a ton of flavor in it so it was a bit on the bland side. Additionally, the topping leaked. It was like a faucet of creamy, white, creme fraiche. I’d suggest squeezing the hell out of the topping before you slap it on your meat.

The burger was still a hit, just not a favorite. There are many more to try! Fun fact? I totally forgot the radish garnish… And they had just talked about it.

Here’s an open-face look at this saucy sensation.

Totally Radish Burger Open-Face
Totally Radish Burger Open-Face


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